Ghostwriting: political science without ideology?

Customers who commission political science papers and expert reports often know little about the fact that there is a risk, especially with cheap agencies, of not getting science but opinion.

What is it about

Like other fields of science, political science in Germany has the urge to secure research funding and support from the budgets of the federal government, federal states, ministries or other institutions. This involves funds for universities, large-scale research projects and statements on current events.

The employees of universities are especially welcome guests when they confirm the policy of having done the right thing. Wherever criticism is expressed, the scientific findings are ignored or reinterpreted as political influence.

Without alternative?

It corresponds to the political practice to present one’s own actions as alternative as possible. One can have the necessary, supposedly scientific knowledge created today by ghostwriters or by “well-known” professors – the activity of both ultimately being very similar: against payment those facts and arguments are collected that correspond to their own position, the positions of the The opposite side is sometimes ignored or distorted, but at least less heavily weighted.

What does this approach have to do with science?

The role of ghostwriters

A customer of a ghostwriter is entitled to a text that is created according to his specifications, so that also corresponds to his ideas – regardless of whether it is an essay, a love letter or a scientific paper. In the case of a scientific work, however, serious ghostwriters will always be guided by the current state of research and inform the customer if any contradictions arise in the task.