Ghostwriter and world market

The market for services that can be offered over the Internet is no longer limited by national and only partly by linguistic boundaries. What are the consequences for Ghostwriting?

Different divisions

Assuming that English-speaking ghostwriting services have the greatest demand and at the same time the most affluent clientele, it is not surprising that the supply side is also expanding and that many people from non-English-speaking countries work as ghostwriters. In this area, therefore, an actual world market exists, with the individual fields of academic ghostwriting / celebrity ghostwriting / ghostwriting differing greatly in business and politics.

Academic ghostwriting

In German-speaking countries, both demand and supply of academic ghostwriting services are limited. Nevertheless, some companies recruit their staff from other countries, such as Ukraine, and are thus able to push down prices.

However, it should be remembered that most papers say whether they are written by a native speaker or not, whether the style corresponds to the native scientific culture, and whether the background knowledge shown or implied suggests who wrote the text.

So there are always certain dangers to hire such service providers. This could lead to unpleasant questions if the authenticity of the text is questioned. If these dangers are to be minimized, it is better to use English-language providers as well as providers from English-speaking countries.

An unusual market

Academic ghostwriting was once an “insider tip” and is now a highly competitive market – although first-time customers do not have an overview of the quality of services offered and are therefore considered by dubious agencies as “easy prey”, moreover, in the case of a lack of Quality have little opportunity to complain or to sue for a revision.